Put an orphanage in your pocket

What happens if a country closes all its orphanages? In December of 2012, Rwanda decided that by December of 2014 all its orphanages were to close. A few weeks before L’Esperance Children’s Village shut its doors, we gave a photography course to 32 children for whom a new home hadn’t been found yet, mostly adolescents. The orphanage is located on the edge of Lake Kivu, which borders with Congo. There is no electricity, no tap water, and there are no mirrors. With camera in hand, the children learned to look at themselves and their world.

We were impressed to see how close they would let us come; their pictures gave an unprecedented intimate glimpse into their lives. They show us who they want to be or who they want to become. We were also impressed by how much they want to go to school. The children realized all too well that they could only escape the poverty and hunger around them by going to school.

Designer Linda Braber and photographer Anaïs López drew up a photo notebook with inspiring images taken by the children and enough white pages for your own fantasies and ideas. The photo notebook “In my dreams I want to become a tourist” costs € 20,-. 75 percent of the proceeds goes to the school of five children who we continue to follow.

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