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If you want to… We will be everywhere. In fact, you might want to know where we are so you can hide from us. Instagram: Countrywithoutorphans Twitter: countryworphans Vimeo: The only thing that is hard to follow if you don’t speak Dutch is our blog – sorry about that!

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Peek behind the scenes

7 days to go before our campaign is launched! Thursday the 20th of August is the day! We are doing to do this together with the crowdfunding platform 1% Club. But first things first: a good campaign deserves a trailer and we are making an awesome one right now! With the best teamwork ever, thank you Thomas Vroege. Curious about it? Don’t be shy, have a little peek behind the scenes on our Facebook community page:

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Launch of the campaign

The campaign is being launched on August 20th. You can then read about our project, view the trailer and buy the photo notebook at the 1%Club.

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