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In my dreams I want to become a tourist

At the crossroads between journalism, art and charity

This is a project of Anaïs Lopéz (photography), Anisleidy Martínez (camera) and Paulien Bakker (text).

It started with the decision of the Rwandan government to close all orphanages in the country – an idea that can count on a lot of support from aid organizations. Yet in highly directed and very poor Rwanda, no one has an idea how this works out for the children in question.

In addition to various journalistic stories and an art film (In my dreams I want to become a tourist), we also raised money so that a few children can at least get their high school diploma. As soon as they have finished primary school, they go to boarding school. There they will finally receive three meals a day.


Trailer: In my dreams I want to become a tourist

A word of thanks

To all the people that make this project

Simon Cordes (design agency Akimoto) – Gijsbert Raadgever (design agency Akimoto) (huisstijl)

Protogene Byishimo – Mr J (translations Kinyarwanda to English)

Henk Blanken – Freek Kelderman – Joshua Spijker (Conscious Travel Guide) (website)

Pamela Williams (English translations)

Melinda Rentsch – Yvo ten Have – Bram Jacquet (finances)

Thomas Vroege (video editing)

Linda Braber (designer of photo notebook)

Sven de Graaf – Katarína Gališinová (research)

Lisardo Fernandez – Yvo ten Have (project assistants)

Canon Nederland (for lending out the cameras)

Fotolab Amsterdam (color corrections)

Lecturis (printing house)

Igepa (sponsoring of paper for the photo notebook)

1% Club (crowd funding)

Diane van der Marel (MiaP)

Eric King (FlyestMusic) (music)

Marjo van Kleeff (Art Taste)


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